Valetango Project: "Trust Me. Trust Me Not"

This project started as a research of what is at the core of chemistry in effective partnerships.  We investigated methodologies to practice being fully present, being attentive listeners and committed partners. We played with vocabulary that crosses the fields of tango, modern dance, and theater and retains the vibrant presence and readiness of improvisation. We then begun choreographing a dance theater show around the subject of trust. Trust is the first casualty of trauma and, conversely, the most important step toward healing. Trust and the lack of it, is at the base of power issues and it is tested in passionate encounters. Why is it that the prelude of a fight and that of an amorous encounter can manifest similarly physically? “Trust me. Trust me not” delves into the dangers of ambivalent relationships driven by desire and power while exploring the impact of trust as a source of meaning and growth.

The team consists of Obie Award winner director Orlando Pabotoy, 2019 USA Tango Champion Orlando Reyes, former Ballet Hispanico Principal Rodney Hamilton, and HOLA and ACE Award winner choreographer Valeria Solomonoff as co-choreographers, and Latin Grammy winner composer Pedro Giraudo as collaborator.

Partnering Lab: Somatic Enrichment

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