This show is the result of a research of what is at the core of chemistry among partners.  We played with vocabulary that crosses the fields of tango, modern dance, and theater and retains the vibrant presence and readiness of improvisation and found ways to deepen our practice of being fully present and attentive. We then begun choreographing a dance theater show around the subject of trust. 


Is inspired by the contemporary experience of negotiating the dance floor and its web of relationships while searching for a partner. Tango Intimo leads you through the lust and absurdities that occur within the intimacy of the embrace.

“Tango Intimo” was nominated for two ACE awards

for Best Direction and Production.

"Tango Intimo "

"Tango por Ellos"

Explores relationships that are by turns suffocating, thrilling, and soothing, revealing the scope of joy and conflict at the core of social tango. 


"Tango por Ellos" received ACE 2010 award

for Best Choreography