A native of Argentina, Valeria is a highly regarded teacher, with twenty five years of experience teaching tango at university level as well as at festivals and studios internationally (currently she is adjunct professor at NYU Tisch, Musical Theater Department). She is an awarded choreographer who knows how to deliver the traditional form to broad audiences without sacrificing the authenticity of the style. Besides teaching traditional Argentine Tango with an emphasis on developing improvisational skills, Valeria created a style of training alone called Broadway Tango


From the press:

“Argentine dancer Valeria Solomonoff, one of the city's best Tango instructors”. - Hot Picks, New York Post.

“Valeria Solomonoff is widely hailed by New York tangueros as the best teacher in the city.”- Holly Hickman, Weaving a Tango Web online magazine

Virtual Broadway Tango Classes on Tuesdays at 6pm


Class combines exercises for finding your center, improving stability while increasing range of motion, and organizing the body for fluid execution while working on tango moves. The class ends with a choreographed sequence that challenges your acquired skills and lets the dance take over. Practice videos provided regularly.

Zoom link valid until September 2021:



Classes run 1hr long. Payable through Paypal at vsolomonoff@gmail.com , Venmo at @Valeria-Solomonoff


Price: $15 per class, $60 per month or $48 per month, when paid a week in advance.